Facing Your Shadow

What are you so afraid of? It’s no secret that there are parts of ourselves that we keep hidden from others, but what is to be said about the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden from ourselves? If you’re anything like me, you didn’t even realize these parts existed until major trauma caused them…

Will You Choose Inner Peace Or Ego?

There is always more to a situation than what can be seen on the surface.  Pain and offense come from viewing actions at face value. “If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.”  -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow If we…

Are You Calling In Love From From a Place of Desire or Lack?

Happy Tuesday everyone! Just hopping on with a quick message because I felt a strong nudge to share this. Understand that we all have the power to call love into our existence, but the desire or lack within our hearts will determine the kind of love we draw into our lives. Please take a minute to…

Dreams Are Like Balloons

Are you living your best life?  If not, why not? Make a date with yourself. Sit down and think, listen to your heart…what do you desire?  What do you truly want? Now think of all of the self-destructive thoughts that don’t serve you in obtaining those things. The undeserving, not good enough, jealous, it runs…

There is Power in Anger!

Use anger as a step up and remind yourself that you have transitioned out of a lower place.  Congratulations, you are a badass!  

Are You Okay With Being Okay?

Okay is alright; satisfactory, acceptable, decent, tolerable…average.  You can wake up, roll out of bed, and have an average day without any effort.  It’s easy to be okay with being average when you lack purpose.  The world is full of average people, you’ll fit right in.  Go ahead and settle for an acceptable salary, a…

Seeing Is Not Always Believing, But Visualization Helps!

From a very young age, our mind is free to wander as it may, to dream big and to create as many possibilities for our future as we can imagine.  If you were to ask a preschooler what he/she wants to be when they grow up, their answers can range anywhere from puppies, to princesses,…

Get Out of Your Head and Let Your Intuition Guide You

The more time you spend thinking about how hungry you are, the more thoughts come to you about food and hunger in general; you begin to think of food that sounds good, tastes good, or smells good. Before you know it, you are salivating. This is how powerful your mind is! You can trigger a physical response based on one single passing thought if you allow it to stick around. Thoughts become things. BOOM! It hit you like lightening, didn’t it?

Teachable Mom Moment: “Mean” kids

She is love and she is beautiful. She is not what they say she is, but if she allows their actions to dictate her emotions, SHE is responsible for HER negative feelings, NOT them.

Focus and Find

If you focus on failure, you will find that you fail more.  If you focus on success, you will find that you succeed more.  If you view life as a tragedy, you will always be a victim, but oh darling, when you view your life as spectacular…watch out.