Morning Thoughts: We’re All hypocrites Here



Morning thoughts, we’re all hypocrites here:

Every human is a hypocrite on some level, I believe. To keep our intersubjectivity, we kind of all have to be. What’s more, we judge others with harder lines than we judge ourselves and more often than not most of the judgements placed on others tend to be our own inner issues projected onto other people.

For example, Racism. It has never been the persons’s ethnicity that is the problem, it is the racist man’s problem with the need to feel superior or the want to be in control which causes the problem.

We are all moral hypocrites. We give ourselves wiggle room to mess up and still be good but we don’t extend that grace to others (myself included). When we are reminded of our faults, we quickly remind ourselves of what we’ve done right to balance the deficit.

This is why you see sides flip flopping; the left is now the right, the right is now the left, bla bla bla…the truth is simple if you search in plain sight for it. Humans are not robots; we think, feel, act, and are reactive by nature with emotional bias on some level. We will always have something to say and when we do not it is because we have something to think.

So what can we do to keep our hypocrisy in check? Firstly recognize that it exists and be empathetic towards others. There is not a single one of us that hasn’t done something that we would judge someone else for harshly either now or in the past. Not one. So pay attention and take account of your own actions and shortcomings; yes we all have them – and I’m not saying that you should find fault in yourself to the point where you’re depressed, but just as we should take inventory to identify what is needed from the store, it’d do us all good to take inner inventory as to identify where we need to improve and grow as well. And lastly, we will never fully understand another person’s plight – ever, and their awareness is not your awareness is not my awareness. Some people are just plain unaware that they are acting in a way that hurts you personally, in fact they may have seen their act as thoughtful or helpful. Talking is a good first step. Hate off the break will never win. Ever. I’m working on that.

We’re all hypocrites here, but we don’t have to indulge in it.


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