Stop Choosing ’Yes’ Friends


Morning Thoughts, stop picking ‘yes’ friends:

I came across a post this morning and it struck me so hard; you see real friends (and family members) want to see you grow, they want to see you well and they know that your wellness won’t be found by enabling you in any way.

Sure, it feels good to be agreed with, justified, and soothed, but you know what feels better? To be cared about; mind, body, and soul.

I’m not the type of friend that will agree with you or downplay a situation just so you won’t feel your feelings. I’m also not the type of friend who will accept excuses in place of effort. I’ll encourage you when you’re down but you sure as hell won’t find me grabbing a shovel and helping you dig yourself in deeper. Why? Because we’ll both be trippin – and I’ve worked way too hard to climb out of and fill in my pits to be digging new ones.

I’ve lost a lot of friends because I refuse to placate them, and I put nothing before my own personal growth. Some call this selfish, but those who have experienced real growth understand it’s the exact opposite.

I am not a ‘yes’ friend but I am a growth magnet. I won’t give you excuses, but I’ll give you ideas. If you wonder why you’re stagnated or not moving fast enough in life, take a long hard look at the people you call friends and ask yourself if they are holding you accountable out of love or just pacifying you because they don’t want to hear you cry. Get yourself some real friends and cut out the bullshit. And if you should ever find yourself being a ‘yes’ friend, do your friend a favor and leave them alone to find a better friend.


As always, said with love – good morning beautiful souls 💜

Best friend

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