Sometimes in life we go through things; we experience them and handle them. We process the traumas and victories and we move on.  Though some time may pass, these things come up again. They may take on a different appearance, but they feel familiar. It’s in these moments that it’s easy to find comfort in pain, but it’s so important to find comfort in our growth instead.

There is such a big jump between knowing and doing; the distance between what needs to be done and having the strength to do it. This is the bridge that so many people struggle to cross, and I’ve noticed that because the chasm is so wide, many people just sit on the embankment and stare off into the distance instead. 

What we have to realize is: knowing there is help on the other side is the first step in bridging that great divide, and every step that we make after that is a laying down of a plank. You may take a step back but as long as you keep moving forward, keep letting go, keep purging, keep learning, then you will continue to lay these planks, and eventually you will be able to look back from the other side knowing that you made it because you refused to give up. 

When hard lessons resurface, you have the opportunity to transmute and build; I hope you build a wonderful life.  

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