Self Love or Self Righteous?


There is a difference between mastering the art of self love and being self righteous. Understand that there are over 7.6 billion people in the world and while you are unique and special, you can be replaced; in love, work, and other ventures. And for everything that you think you do best, there is likely someone else who does it better and more efficiently.

I’d love to fluff this up to make you feel good on a daily basis, but part of being a deep thinker is being real, profound, and tackling a topic from multiple angles with intensity. There comes a time when we have to deconstruct our ego, let our pride crumble, and remember that when compared to the sea of many talents, we are small. It is so important to love yourself and value what you bring to the table, but it’s also imperative that you remain humble in the process in order to allow a free flowing state of gratitude.

The key to doing and having more is understanding firstly that there is a less and learning to embrace it. Don’t be that person who refuses to acknowledge the less; because should that person receive the more by chance, it will never be fully appreciated.


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