She has a story to tell, though she does it mostly without words
She speaks through silence
She smiles with her eyes
She loves with her actions and unconditional devotion
The only lie she tells is that it doesn’t hurt.

She has a delicate heart, and a resilient spirit
She faces the world head on
She doesn’t fear struggle, but rather embraces the fiery change
She knows she is being sculpted into a work of art while dancing in the flames.

She loves herself, though not enough
She’s too busy loving others more
She values her life, though it’s not been easy
She measures her worth by the amount of love she gives.

She looks in the mirror and finds flaw
She refuses to let that steal her pride
She holds her head up high, sometimes with a broken smile
She refuses to let pain define her.

She is strong, yet soft
She is beautiful, yet humble
She is kind, yet stern
She is fearful, yet courageous.

She is all the things she hopes and dreams
She is the slayer of inner demons
She is the untamable mare running wild
She brings the storm, just to see the rainbow.

She is not the woman you love for a night
She is the woman you never forget
She is both my hero and villain
She is me, and I love her recklessly.


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