Waves of Pain

It’s going to hurt; this pain
It will come in waves

Some days it will consume you
Swallow you whole
Spit out your bare bones and leave them on the shore

Other days you will wade
The water will be calm
You may feel brave enough to venture deeper;
Progress is made

But just as you’re feeling sure of your steps
My dear, look out
Here comes another wave

Tossing and turning
Tumbling over and under
Losing all the ground you’ve gained
Or so you may think

When those waters recede
You will be tired, empty, and once again laid bare
But dear one, you will be alive
For you did not drown

These waves will comes
And you will meet them with every emotion
under the sun to fight them
You will be tired, but strong

In the end, these battles will teach you that you
cannot fight the tides
For they were here long before you
And will remain long after you’re gone

When you learn to dive deep into them,
The waves stop fighting you as you’ve stopped resisting
Then you will finally know what it feels like
to make it back to the shore without being consumed

Stop resisting change
Stop being terrified of your own growth
Allow the water to cleanse you
Allow the tides to point you in a new direction

Learn from this pain
Heal from this pain
Accept this pain
Love from this pain

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