The Art of Letting Go

We heal and grow in cycles, much like the tides; a rise and fall of strength and weakness, depth of thought, shallowed fear, momentary despair, renewed strength, and bliss set on an endless loop.  This is how we learn our lessons.

This is why surrender is so important. Have you ever tried to swim against the tide?  It is exhausting.  It may be scary, the thought of letting the current take you wherever it may, but there is beauty in the unknown.  Perhaps when you decide to surrender to your pain and allow the cycle to close, a new opportunity will appear before you.  One you never imagined possible, but you won’t see it if you exhaust all of your efforts trying to fight the tides.

You are no match for the forces of nature; stop trying to fight and focus in on the flow; accept the invitation to change.

My soul got tired of fighting the inevitable goodbyes that cycles in life bring, so I turned on the porch light, sat with my tea, and made peace with the departures to come.  I settled in to watch the storm covered by the safety of my awning.  I put on some soothing music and embraced the rain that fell synchronously with my tears.  The sun came out shortly thereafter.

I fell in love with my own company, so much so that the company of others doesn’t really appeal to me as much anymore.  I left the light on so those that left in peace can find their way back to me when the time is right.  I am pure love, and there will always be great love for those who love in return.  Another day, another page to turn in the book of life.  Another day to be thankful for what I have learned.

It’s a great day to let go.

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