Dreams Are Like Balloons

Are you living your best life?  If not, why not?

Make a date with yourself.

Sit down and think, listen to your heart…what do you desire?  What do you truly want?

Now think of all of the self-destructive thoughts that don’t serve you in obtaining those things. The undeserving, not good enough, jealous, it runs in the family, I will be happy when types of thought patterns.  They will stall out your engines quicker than anything else in the world and are lies you tell yourself so often that they become the only truth you know.

Now also take a moment to think of all of the toxic connections you have in your life, the people or things that give rise to your insecurities.  They are not what you may expect; a wolf in sheep’s clothing usually.  They could be accounts or meme pages, friends, family members, posted content, songs, TV shows, etc.  Anything that triggers the aforementioned self-destructive thought processes.  Acknowledge them.  Call them out and face them.  Then cut them off and take your power back.

Stop thinking you have no power.  You have ALL the power.  Now use it and craft the life of your dreams.  Stop saying you will be happy WHEN you get what you want.  How about you choose happiness now and watch what you want smack you in the face.

A dream is like a balloon, what you fill it with will determine where it goes.  Fill it with heavy stuff and it won’t move.  Put nothing into it and it will remain empty, but pump it full of the right stuff and it will fly.  Take care to fill your mind and dreams with the right intentions so they can take flight.

Wishing you all the best today and everyday!

I am working on new projects!  If you feel drawn to contribute, you can do so here: https://paypal.me/DeepThoughtsWithLori


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