Energy Is A Valuable Resource, Use It Wisely.

Everyone is familiar with the concept of energy conservation and of its importance in terms of saving the natural resources of our beautiful planet.  By definition, it is the effort made to reduce the consumption of energy by using less of a resource OR using that resource more efficiently.  It is something that most of us can agree is a pretty important aspect to our survival, and yet we fail miserably to apply these conservation methods to preserve our OWN energy and to protect our OWN resources.

Much like the planet, our bodies have an expiration but contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have so much to do with a date as it does with the depletion of our energy and resources which feed it.

We can draw further comparison to that of financial resources.  Do you enjoy flushing money down the toilet?  How about throwing it into a furnace?  Not so much?  Then why do we insist on wasting our valuable energy, our emotional finances on black holes such as toxic relationships and negative thought patterns?  It’s like betting on a horse with 2 broken legs and a 300 lb jockey!   What’s worse, we KNOW what we do is unhealthy, and yet we continue to do these things expecting a healthy outcome and it drives us mad!

  • We continue to listen to music which makes us sad, angry, or bitter.
  • We feed codependency, jealousy, abuse, and addiction on the internet, we console each other with relatable memes and quotes and say it’s okay, it’s normal…um, no it’s not!  It’s unhealthy.
  • We cling to unhealthy relationships out of fear.
  • We hurt ourselves trying to please everyone BUT ourselves.
  • We lose ourselves in other people and wonder why we are lost when they leave.
  • We get wrapped up in polarized politics so much that we forget to love.
  • We watch violent TV programs and view hateful content before bed and fill our subconscious minds with this as we sleep…and so it becomes our way of thinking for the next day.
  • We allow others to drain our energy because we don’t know how to say no.

You have to be able to tell the difference between a person who comes into your life to water your garden or pick your flowers.  A healthy person sees your garden, admires the blooms and wants to see them continue growing.  They will feed your soil.  They will plant.  They will invest.  It will be a partnership.  You will grow together in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Take a good look at the people that you spend a majority of your time with; not just in person, but the people that you allow to have an influence on your life, the people you give your time and attention to (friends, celebrities, artists, mentors, etc).  Are there any people that come to mind when I say energy suckers?  I’m talking about the relationships that leave you feeling exhausted.  You have one experience with this person and need a nap.  GET RID OF THEM.  Love them from a distance if you must, but protect yourself from them.  There are a variety of energy suckers:

  1. Everlasting Energy Suckers:  This is who they are.  They refuse to grow.  They will not change, and you must move away from them.  They have tied an anchor around their feet and they will continue to sink.  They will pull you down with them and they won’t think twice about it.  These people will guilt you for moving ahead in life.  These people will make you feel bad for feeling good every time you try.  DISCONNECT.  It doesn’t matter what your connection is to them, find alignment for yourself and stop trying to make things work with them.  It never has, it never will, and it will repel healthy relationships.
  2.  Interim Energy Suckers:  Your friends (yourself included) can hit rough patches.  None of us are immune to hard times.  When I first began writing this blog, it was as I was struggling to cope with the loss of my Grandma.  It was the hardest loss I have ever faced in my life.  I was the epitome of an Interim Energy Sucker.  So much so that I pushed away the one person my heart longed for out of fear of more loss.  It is possible to be a positive, uplifting, nurturing, and encouraging human who is also going through a traumatic and needy phase.  It is important for people to realize that while interim energy suckers may need some support, what they really need is to find their alignment again and to be reconnected with their strength.  Usually pity doesn’t help with that process, but total abandonment doesn’t help either.  A middle ground is what I would recommend for this situation; love from a distance, or a short break to work on self-improvement.  You don’t have to give up on this person, but you should be sure they aren’t still takers before you allow them back into your daily life.
  3. Inanimate Energy Suckers:  These are your non-person suckers of energy, some of which are listed above.  They are TV shows, songs, internet content, bad juju in general.  You have to be protective of what you allow to enter in to your personal space.  If something evokes an emotion, it isn’t by chance.  Your intuition or your gut instinct is making you uncomfortable for a reason, it is telling you to make a change to find peace.  The goosebumps or that rising up in your belly that you get when you are reading an article, watching a show, or listening to a song that you can relate to isn’t coincidence; it is evoking emotion, it is speaking to something inside of you and awakening something whether that be an insecurity, fear, or an excitable desire.  Be careful what you speak life into.  As I mentioned in an earlier post (Focus and Find ) “What you feed grows, what you starve dies; it’s as simple as that.”


Respect yourself and your energy as a valuable resource; there will come a day when you will run out.

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