There is Power in Anger!

Why on earth would someone who preaches the power of positivity say anger can be a good thing?  Because it is a catalyst!  There are levels of power in emotion; the more emotionally charged your desires are, the more momentum will drive you as you push ahead.

I am not talking about moping around and spewing anger at innocent people as you walk down the street, that’s just being a jerk and karma will handle you for that.  What I am talking about is more of a step in a process of healing or awakening.

Anger usually springs from a place of injustice, or feeling like something is not fair.  You’ve been wronged and it doesn’t feel right!  You may not be angry to start with, you may actually be shocked, sad, defeated, and feeling like a total loser.  But eventually (hopefully) you get tired of feeling like a victim and that is when your life is about to change.  It is when you are seemingly at your lowest, a switch is flipped and suddenly:

I didn’t deserve that  Image result for sad face emoji    becomes    I DESERVE BETTER!  Image result for angry face emoji

And this is where it gets good!  Don’t listen to the advice of the general populous, you don’t have to get over it, you don’t have to let it go.  Learn how to harness that pissed off energy like a wild stallion and take it out for a ride!  Anger is better than despair because it adds the element of optimism or hope.  There is passion behind anger and there is power in passion.

Stop it with the “I  should have known better crap!”  NO ONE has a free pass to disrespect you.  If someone acted selfishly and hurt you, disrespected you, mistreated you, or made a fool of you, taking the blame for that person will not help you and it won’t help them either.  If you are already hurting for their acting like an ass why on earth would you take on even more guilt that doesn’t even belong to you?  Let them feel like an ass.  They are an ass.  They should feel bad, so let them.

This is where it gets tricky.  It’s important not to spread your anger to other people.  You are angry at one person or one situation, not the world in general.  You are mad about the way you were treated or a series of behaviors, so be sure not to pop off on other people.  It’s time to establish some new standards for yourself.  Now that you know how you DO NOT WANT to be treated, it is super easy to fill in the blanks about how you DO WANT to be treated!

Try your best to focus energy on the way you wish to be treated rather than the way you do not wish to be treated, because you want to function in a state of empowerment, not victim-hood and as we all know, whatever we focus on comes to us and we can expect that an emotionally charged call to action is much more speedy.

Long story short, anger is not completely negative.  Holding onto anger, developing grudges, spreading hatred, and being hostile is.  Anger is a normal emotion and emotions are a part of our built-in guidance system.  You don’t owe anyone your kindness or energy.  Use anger as a step up and remind yourself that you have transitioned out of a lower place.  Congratulations, you are a badass!

If someone has earned freedom from your life, release that person and continue being that happy badass that brings the world to its knees.

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