Are You Okay With Being Okay?

Okay is alright; satisfactory, acceptable, decent, tolerable…average.  You can wake up, roll out of bed, and have an average day without any effort.  It’s easy to be okay with being average when you lack purpose.  The world is full of average people, you’ll fit right in.  Go ahead and settle for an acceptable salary, a tolerable relationship, a satisfactory life; it’s easy enough to do, so long as you don’t question why you do it.

If you begin to ask yourself what your purpose is, you will start searching for your reason…a driving force begins to push you.  Once you start building that momentum, okay won’t be enough.  No matter what life throws at you, this purpose will push you through.  This momentum will carry you mentally when you lack physical strength.  When you find purpose, you find yourself.  When you find yourself, it will hurt to lose yourself…so you won’t want to.

You begin finding new reasons to wake up, new reasons to push through, and new goals to set for yourself because you are continually achieving and your standards rise with each new level you reach.  As this momentum continues to build, you need less from the people around you; you complain less, you smile more, and are content with who you are as an individual.  People look up to you and look to you for advice.  You hold your head up high and you begin to see the world with fresh eyes in a whole new light.  You do not accept less than you deserve and begin looking for better opportunities in life.

Things that you once accepted, you will turn down for you will not waste your time on things that do not serve your purpose.  You begin to reevaluate all of your relationships and prioritize them based on their value, you realize that toxicity in your life is not an option and you cut it out like the cancer it is.  You are free, strong, and living the abundant life that you never imagined you possibly could…all because you chose to seek out your purpose.

Your purpose is not hard to find, it is something that ignites a fire deep within your soul.  It has been there all along, waiting to burn down all of the walls that you have built around yourself, that society has helped you construct.  Find your purpose and start a wildfire…burn down every limitation that was ever placed upon your life and let your fire ignite a fire in someone else.

Imagine how amazing our world would be if we all lived a purpose-driven life.

Imagine how amazing your world would be if you stopped being okay with being okay.  

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